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    Justin Wray, Photographer, Industrial Designer


    Justin Wray, 23 years old, has just graduated (June 2023) with a degree in Industrial Design from Humber College. Summers at the family cottage have always found Justin outdoors, getting dirty, chasing any wildlife that moved. That early fascination grew into a passion for taking pictures. Justin hopes you’ll appreciate his love for the beauty of the natural world.

  • What We Do

    Right now, we are focusing on Justin's photography.

    Over time we will also include offerings of Justin's design work.


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    Rocks, Trees, Water... and other classic elements

    My family has cottaged in Muskoka since the 1950's. I am in my element whether I'm in the bush or on the water.

    For me, Muskoka is where some of my best memories have been made.

    Stay tuned as I begin to build a portfolio of classic Georgian Bay and Algonquin photographs.

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    Bird Series

    I've grown up listening to birdsongs and observing them in the garden, in the bush and on the lake. Birds captivate me as subject matter for my photography because they are so vital, so dynamic. I feel connected to the world around me - and can't help but feel happy - watching birds in their natural habitat.

    By documenting the diversity of bird species we find in the local environment I hope to create empathy, and awareness for the importance of habitat protection.

    Visit Bird Studies Canada and consider taking part in Project Feeder Watch.


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    Bees, Bugs and Butterflies Series

    As a photographer I am fascinated by colour, composition and detail. As a naturalist I understand the importance of our pollinators, and other insect life.

    This series of photographs is intended to celebrate them and draw attention to their critical role in the maintenance of our ecological systems.

    Visit NatureWatch and take part in citizen science to help track changes to a variety of populations.

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    Animal Series

    At heart I'm still just a big kid. I grew up watching chipmunks and raccoons on the deck, self-serving at the bird feeders. Trips in the car always involved games of 'I Spy' as well as scanning for deer and moose and other wildlife.

    I enjoy time spent still, quietly observing and recording with my lens.


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    Floral Series

    This series combines my love of colour with my love of portraiture. I use my floral studies, in particular, to work on developing my eye for composition, and for developing my technique.

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    Moments to Remember

    As much as I enjoy solitude, many of my best memories are of being actively engaged in sports and other activities with friends and family. I enjoy the challenge of taking a good action or candid shot to record those memories.

    This is an area of photography I wish to explore more in the future.

    Contact me if you'd like to talk about having me come out and take some action shots.


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    People and Pets

    For me portraits are about capturing emotion, especially joy. It's about creating an image which allows you to recall the original emotional experience associated with the time and/or place. It's also about recording, for posterity, those serendipitous moments in life.

    This is another area of photography I wish to explore more in the future.

    Contact me if you'd like to talk about having me come out and take some portrait photos of you and your family at your cottage.

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    Artistic Images, and the Black and White Series

    I enjoy the aesthetic of timeless, 'classic' black and white photography. Shooting in black and white on purpose really forces me to think about composition, and lighting.

    My 'artsy' photos are also all about refining my technique and honing my skills as a photographer.

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    Urban Life

    Cityscapes and City Scenes

    As I get older and am able to get out and about and really explore the city around me - beyond my backyard and the neighbourhood I grew up in - I am developing an appreciation for the, sometimes contradictory, beauty of urban life.

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    Looking to the future

    Most of our family travel pre-dates my Nikon camera and special lenses. I look forward to sharing more photos from my personal travels in the future... once I finish my post-secondary education and have more time and opportunity.


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    I enjoyed the opportunities to pursue my interests in sketching, CAD design, and model making while I was completing my degree. Now that I have graduated, and am working full-time - in my field - I am not currently working on any personal projects that I am able to share. I look forward to when I have time to work on my own designs again. I am open to commissions if you need design work done. Get in touch and I'll see if we can work out an arrangment.

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    Justin is proud to be a member of Muskoka Arts and Crafts.


    Muskoka Arts & Crafts is a not-for-profit artist community growing and promoting visual arts & craft awareness across the Muskoka community. Muskoka Arts & Crafts is one of the oldest and most well established arts organizations in Ontario, having grown since its inception in 1963 to include a diverse membership of professional full-time artists, part-time artists, hobbyists, amateurs, patrons and art enthusiasts that creates an dynamic environment where everyone can learn from each other.


    Find Justin's member profile here.