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0 "Zero" Filter is a sustainably designed water bottle filtration system for backpacking and hiking. 0 Filter has been designed and built for reuse and reproduction, taking things like transportation, packaging, and material sourcing into consideration.
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Research / Ideation

0 Filter was part of a project focusing on material and production design. We began with the task of designing a new product for outdoor adventures such as hiking, backpacking and portaging. This product must meet the clients needs of being reusable, durable, reliable, lightweight, compact, waterproof and repaired or customized if needed. The product must follow the vision of cradle to cradle, being manufactured using low-embodied energy materials and / or recycled materials to minimize environmental impact, as well as the ability to last for continuous reuse or resale. The first step in this process was research and ideation. We began with finding our desired materials and manufacturing process, which then led us towards our initial concepts. 




Initial concepts were tested and modeled to find ideal size, shape, and ergonomics. Through scratch models we were able to test how the water will flow through the bag and how we will be able to provide enough pressure to push the water through the filtration system. Many models similar to the model below were constructed.  The final model with a plastic strip across the bottom was chosen to provide the given pressure, ability to fold down/pack, and be ergonomically friendly for users. 



With the materials we have chosen, when the product has reached the end of its life we will be able to take the product back and recycle 100% of the PDK into new units to be resold again, this will not only cut down on costs of materials but also the environmental impact of our product. For the filter materials, if using silicon dioxide and POM’s, these can be discarded safely with zero negative effects on the environment, and if using the graphene oxide it can be broken down and recycled. When graphene oxide is recycled the only waste is the minerals and ions collected by the filter. With the purchase of this product you become a part of a group of people dedicated to reusable materials and products designed for the environment. Using this to help sell our product with a target audience of people who love the outdoors will give our design the upper hand compared to other similar products on the market. 



CAD models were then produced and tested to find ideal filtration systems and filtration holding pouches. The final decision was to use a nipple mouth piece and attach it to a screw on/off filtration system.  This allows the water bottle to be both a regular bottle when using it in every day life as well as a back country camping bottle with the ability to screw in a filter to clean your drinking water.     


Final Design

The final design consisted of a mid size, light weight, fully recyclable water bottle designed and used for your everyday life or back country backpacking. The design incorporates 100% recyclable PDK plastic used over and over again to ensure the ultimate protection of our environment and eco-systems.